Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Here are just a few of my favorite things Oakley has said over the last few months...

(I am cleaning) Mom, are you killing dust?

O: I always eat the bugs in my nose. (Me: Why?) Because they are so yummy!

F is for fish like fff...fff..slide and fff...fff...Ariel.

O: Is this the freeway? (Me: yes) Its

Did I crack? (Talking about a cut on her arm)

(Oakley going to the bathroom) The poop is saying, "I'm trying to come out, I'm trying to come out!" mom, does poop have a mouth?

Mom, I have a bad feeling (Me: about what?) Raleigh licked me.

Pilgrims don't poop and they have three legs.

(Oakley eating cottage cheese) This tast-es like a dream.

Monday, April 30, 2012

12 Months...12 Pictures

May 2011- We bought our first home!

June 2011- Raleigh is born!

July 2011- Big sister life...

August 2011- Rainey Reunion

September 2011- Trip to Washington!

October 2011- Oakley turns 3!

November 2011- Thanksgiving in Big Bear

December 2011- Christmas in AZ

January 2012- Oakley

February 2012- Raleigh

March 2012- Getting big!

April 2012- Swimming Lessons!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

April 2011

Beautiful day at the park...

Oakley loves the pool!

Relaxing in the water...

Getting ready for baby!

Cam's 31 Birthday! Oakley and I planned a surprise party for him that day...she was so excited all day for him to get home so she could throw balloons at him and yell Happy Birthday!

We continued Cams Bday celebration with an amazing weekend in California with Krissy, John and Baby Luca...

Coloring Easter eggs...

Bowling with Dave and Monica...

Easter Cupcakes...

Easter Egg Hunt....

Easter Dress...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011

Our March started with a beautiful 80 degree day spent at the pool...yes, we love it here. Oakley learning to ride her bike... Taking care of her babies Painting... Oakley loved being able to see her cousins earlier this month... We even got to spend a day at the beach with Baby Luca and Krissy... Oakley cant get enough of her rice table... The highlight of Oakleys month...riding a "real train"! Saying hi to the train passing by... St. Patrick's Day...

Green Play dough...

My attempt at taking a nice picture of Oakley= Failure...

Our little dishwasher...

Oakley finally decided to ride on one of the animals that goes up and down. She kept yelling "I'm so brave! I'm not falling off!"

Green Ice cream at our favorite place, The Ranch Market!

Happy March!