Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Here are just a few of my favorite things Oakley has said over the last few months...

(I am cleaning) Mom, are you killing dust?

O: I always eat the bugs in my nose. (Me: Why?) Because they are so yummy!

F is for fish like fff...fff..slide and fff...fff...Ariel.

O: Is this the freeway? (Me: yes) Its so.......free.

Did I crack? (Talking about a cut on her arm)

(Oakley going to the bathroom) The poop is saying, "I'm trying to come out, I'm trying to come out!" mom, does poop have a mouth?

Mom, I have a bad feeling (Me: about what?) Raleigh licked me.

Pilgrims don't poop and they have three legs.

(Oakley eating cottage cheese) This tast-es like a dream.

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In the Hartland said...

Wow! Welcome back, Jenn! I never even knew if you had a boy or a girl last year! So, it is so good to get a little caught up on your life. LOVE your house and the three-car garage. Ron would be so jealous. :-) Keep on blogging!