Friday, June 26, 2009


Fathers Day

I know this is a little late...Fathers Day was lots of fun, we celebrated on Saturday and surprised Cam by taking him to a skate shop in downtown Portland so he could pick out a new skate deck. (yes... you read that correctly, my 29 year old husband still skates). Just down the road was the famous Voodoo doughnut shop that we have heard so much about. They have really crazy doughnuts like maple bacon bars, NyQuil glazed doughnuts, and a large selection of very inappropriately names ones! We waited in line for about an hour (with a 7 month old baby) and were thankfully serenaded by a homeless musician who quickly became friends with Oakley. After the long wait, It was definitely worth it!

What a lucky little girl to have such an amazing Daddy! We love you Cam! Happy 1st Fathers Day!

When I'm really excited...

...I just have to shrug my shoulders.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Time is going so fast! Oakley just seems so grown up lately. She is still proving to be an extremely independent determined little girl...I'm a little worried! Here are a few of her most recent big girl activities...
Sitting in the shopping cart...I finally gave in and let her sit in the shopping cart. Until now I have been wearing her in the wrap. I love wearing her and I didn't really want to stop but she was getting really heavy. By the end of our shopping trip today she had her leg propped up on the handle of the cart leaning as far over as possible so she could see around me!

Swimming in the big kid pool...This past weekend we took Oakley to the big pool! She had so much fun and absolutely no fear! I guess access to the pool is one of the few advantages to renting!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am leaving my baby for the very first time this weekend! Cam and I are going to my best friends wedding in Colorado for three whole days! I just finished typing up 5 single spaced pages on how to take care of this little need machine for my dear mother who had agreed to watch Oakley. Paranoid you ask...Of course! How could anyone feel good about leaving this precious face!?!