Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 2011

2011 has brought huge changes to the Smith family! After completing the CPA exams Cam accepted a position With Medicis in the Scottsdale, AZ area. We made the drive down the first week of January and have since been attempting to feel settled! This move has been very bitter sweet. While we are moving forward in life and excited with what Arizona has to offer, leaving family is never easy. We cant wait for baby #2 to arrive in June and hope to have a house to bring the baby home to! Here are a few pictures of what January has had to offer...

Oakley saying goodbye to her car...this was emotional enough so no, I don't have pictures of her saying goodbye to anyone or anything else!


Our first Sunday in Phoenix...Sadly we had to explain to her that she was waking in grass. "Arizona grass is brown, Washington grass is green."

Dressing up...

The best day yet in AZ...Monica and I picked TONS of lemons, tangerines, grapefruits and oranges for FREE in 77 degree weather! We have been in citrus heaven ever since!

Oakley's enjoying the sun!

1st haircut...Okay it wasn't really a hair cut, she cut off maybe 1/4 an inch but I thought I would document it anyway.

And here is my promise to the Grandmas and Grandpas and Uncles and Aunts that live so far away...I will try really hard to update this regularly!

December 2010

Our quest for the perfect tree...


Oakley's new best friend...Santa! Christmas was so much fun this year with Oakley. She understood A little better what was going on. She would often go sit on the couch and say "mama lets talk." when I would ask her what she wanted to talk about she would say "Lets talk about Santa."

Zoo lights...

Christmas eve...Oakley was Mary, Bunny was baby Jesus.

Christmas Day...

The day after Christmas we headed up to Port Angeles to spend a few days together before the big move to AZ!

Monday, January 24, 2011

November 2010

We lucked out with a beautiful November day! We enjoyed the park and fed geese and ducks with friends...

Sadly I have no pictures from Thanksgiving. We spent an amazing few days in Port Angeles with family and enjoyed wonderful food. We met Baby Luca for the first time and Oakley gave us our first little preview of what sibling jealousy is going to be like! Thankfully Little Luca left a good impression on Oakley, she wraps herself in blankets and pretends to be Luca almost daily!

October 2010

A great day a Red Robin celebrating Cam officially becoming a licensed CPA!

Oakley posing...

Port Angeles pumpkin patch with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike...

Oakley Turned 2! We had a small party with a few of her friends. Oakley loved the pinata and cupcakes and was in candy heaven for a few weeks!

new shoes...new hat...she was excited!

Carving pumpkins, well I guess I should say "pumpkin", Cam and I don't really enjoy this tradition but we did it to be good parents.

Oakley's best pumpkin face!

I didn't get a ton of Halloween pictures but Oakley LOVED trick-or-treating! She wasn't even a little shy. She yelled trick-or -treat to every adult in sight!

Can you see the excitement?

Halloween Carnival: